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Repair time
30 days

Today in the history of repair – turning spindle Weisser and the master who disassembled it – Nikita Lepeshkin.
Usually, we tell more complex stories, but there are some in which the spindle does not require complex repairs. Nevertheless, it is necessary to talk about them, because everything is important in the repair of the mechanism!

Problem: the spindle came with burnt bearings and it was not possible to disassemble it without damaging the brake disc. Also, during the initial diagnosis, we detected an increased level of vibration.
Solution: replacement of bearings, manufacture of a new brake disc + additionally, the shaft was ground.

Assembly and testing. Packaging in a specially prepared box.

The repair of the spindle was 30 days, from the moment of receipt in the service center and until its shipment.

During the diagnosis, a vibration was detected.
Dismantling time
1 day
Disassembly time
3 days
Assembly time
3 days