Franz Kessler

Franz Kessler
ООО «Турмил Сервис»
Repair time
15 days

One of the features of this spindle is that it has already been repaired. We learned about this from the customer, and then realized it during the disassembly of incorrectly selected bearings. The engine speed is 13,000 rpm with a rating value of at least 18,000 rpm.

And now briefly about the damage to the structural elements of the spindle:

1. Rotary unit. There are chips on the surface of the ceramic seal - for replacement.

2. The set of disc springs of the locking system is worn out, there are cracks, some of the springs are destroyed - for replacement.

3. The tool cone of the shaft is damaged. There are significant traces of fretting corrosion, the fit of the mandrel to the cone is less than 30% - the cone will be ground.

The spindle was assembled on grease, while the design is provided for oil-air. Flooded tightening, low force of the tool locking system and chipping on the rotary mechanism.
Dismantling time
1 day
Disassembly time
2 days
Assembly time
2 days