Who we are

We are a solid team and a new school of engineers, consisting of technical ligaments, honing professionalism in the course of hundreds of completed projects. Our service center is an example of the approach when personnel grow within the company due to the close cooperation of the team. 11 years of work and more than 3 000 repairs — a solid foundation of our professional ambitions. Our story continues, and we are proud to create it with you.


What we do

We are ready to immediately announce the cost and timing of the repair, after asking clarifying questions about the condition of your mechanism, at your first request.

The area of ​​our competence begins from dismantling of mechanism to adjustment of СТС machine geometry and bringing it into operation. After mechanism arrival in our service center and its detailed inspection, you will receive a photo report and recondition estimate.

During repair process we send work in progress report with checkpoints dates in it. We keep deadlines, but missing, we work overtime and on weekends.

Our principles

Stand to reason
We inform the cost and repair time when contacting us — at least 3 000 spindles being repaired in our company.
Be honest
We concert action, provide inspection photo-report and repair cost. If any accidental happens, we get in touch on short notice.
Be loyal
We look with understanding on circumstances. If possible to speed the work or cut expenses on spare parts – we will do that for client.
Be organized
Internal work instructions and technical library make possible do every new repair better and faster.
Be open
At any time you are able to visit our service-center and be present during repair works.

We love challenging tasks and ready to help with simple ones. The range of reconditioned spindles is widely different: from EMAG, CyTec to G.Colombo, HSD and Omlat.

We are proud of our job and find huge sense of accomplishment that it provides our customers with minimal M/T downtime and fulfillment of their obligation.