Wood, stone and glass M/T spindle recondition

Meticulous is the right word to describe our repair process.
Spindle repair is not a production work. Each repair is a unique project, which involves manual assembly and inspection at every stage.
Herzen Robert
Herzen Robert

• 1200 spindles of wood, glass and stone M/T brought back to life so far.
•  HSD, SCM, Omlat, Homag, G. Colombo, Hiteco

 Andrey Drozdov
Andrey Drozdov

•  HSD, SCM, Omlat, Homag, G. Colombo, Hiteco

We are working

Stages and working hours

Every incoming spindle gets through all necessary procedures according to our internal company guidelines and instructions.
Emergency repair
In case of emergency we are able to provide very fast service
Inspection in a delivery day
Repaired spindle in a delivery day
Standard repair
Inspection - 2 days
Repair in 5 days
Well-coordinated team work and throughout spindle repair process traceability.
Work instructions
Quality warranty of all repair procedures.
Warehouse of bearings and components
All spare parts always in stock.


Repair of “claim-spindle” always has the status of "emergency repair" in our service center.

Standard warranty

We are pleased providing our service both for small and large companies. Our customers - private business, furniture manufacturers, OEM and M/T dealers.

We repaired:



Agababov Ruben Vladimirovich
Head of spindle service (wood, glass and stone CNC M/T)
Service center:
115191, Moscow, 4th Roshchinsky proezd, 20 building 11