Dmitry Antyukhov
Dmitry Antyukhov

[Heavy series tables, service center in Yaroslavl]

• GF-Mikron, Ruckle, SMP

Pentsak Alexey
Pentsak Alexey

[Tables of light and medium series, service center in Moscow]


• GF-Mikron, Franz Kessler, Hirschman

We are working

Stages and working hours

Consultation and preparation of an offer (At the time of the request)
We guide on the terms, cost of work and the estimated cost of parts.
Dismantling (if necessary)
We carry out diagnostics of the machine, dismantle the table.
2 days
Table delivery to the service center
We will arrange the delivery of the table to one of our service centers in Moscow or Yaroslavl.
Table inspection
We will conduct an inspection, prepare an estimate and an inspection report. We will tell you in detail what you need for repairs, invite you to the service center.
1 week
Approval of documents. Starting the repair.
We will agree on the documents, wait for the advance payment and start the repair.
Preparation for the assembly, the expectation of the components
In parallel with the delivery of parts, we prepare the table for assembly: we clean, paint, make components, and take measurements.
from 2 to 12 weeks
Build and Test
We assemble and test individual units, assemble the entire table and perform finishing tests.
from 2 to 4 weeks
Delivery of the table to the machine
We'll arrange for the table to be delivered back to the machine.
Installation (if necessary)
We install the table into the machine, set the geometry, and conduct tests on the machine.
1 week

Standard warranty
Extended Warranty

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