Rotary table | Mikron | Ruckle

Rotary table | Mikron | Ruckle
ОАО «Красный Октябрь»
Repair time
12 months

This is the first project that we decided to cover, although we have already repaired 7 rotary tables. Yes, this is not a lot but there are 5 more projects on the way, which means we will have something to show!

We are repairing at a special site in Yaroslavl. Antiukhov Dmitry is a master in this area.

Wear of worm pairs, wear of brake systems, incorrect operation of the encoders, corrosion of the bearings, wear of the sliding bearing of the rear support.
Dismantling time
1 day
Disassembly time
3 days
Assembly time
3 weeks